Start Oxygen Cylinder Business in Pandemic Situation (COVID-19)

The world is struggling with the corona epidemic. The epidemic is getting increasingly severe day by day. Whatever be the state of the country, the situation seems more or less the same. Various provinces of India, including the Center to deal with the Corona epidemic, have declared this till lockdown. The reason is Corona 2.0, which is another form of the pandemic, which is changing its nature day by day. The situation is that there is a tremendous shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals. Every day, 4-8 people are being killed due to a lack of oxygen all over India.

If you do not have any employment and you are wandering in search of new business to earn more money in less time then today this post can solve your problem. Yes, today we have brought you a business idea that provides millions of earnings in this post. You can start the oxygen cylinder business and earn millions in a short time. Corona is a business providing millions of benefits in times of pandemics.

Start Oxygen Cylinder Business in Pandemic Situation (Covid-19)
Start Oxygen Cylinder Business in Pandemic Situation (Covid-19)

How much investment will have to be made?
The Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Business is a big plant, which needs more money to start. For this business, you have to invest at least 10 to 20 lakh rupees. There may be a need to invest even more in this business. For this, you can take a loan from the bank.

How much does a cylinder cost?
Cylinders are available in online and offline markets. The cost of a 75 liter cylinder is about 5500 rupees. Oxygen is kept in the cylinder by compressing, which makes it come in a very small bottle. Its weight is only around 700-1200 grams.

License for Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Business
When any person wants to start any type of medical-related business, it is important for them to ensure that they also meet all the licensing and permissions requirements.

Some states require a license to sell specific medical equipment. Therefore, whatever information is required for it at the state level, obtain the license after completing all the formalities.
It is also necessary to get permission from the local board for where you are starting a business. Apart from this, you are also required to check the incorporation laws of your state to understand how to start this new business properly and legally and to register.

How much will be the profit?
As everyone knows, due to the Coronavirus spreading across the country these days, there has been a shortage of oxygen gas cylinders across the country, due to which the demand for it has increased tremendously. So in this way, you can earn a bumper by starting this business.

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